Are you looking for a way to have an interesting holiday, but you can’t find anything interesting? Then choose Greece. This country is an ideal option for tourists who like sun, high temperatures and a large number of monuments. It is especially recommended to visit Chalkidiki, Corfu and Kos.

Optional trips to Chalkidiki

It is worth starting your tour of Greece from the Chalkidiki peninsula. Its hallmark is the large number of beautiful beaches, which makes it unique. Another factor determining the popularity of Chalkidiki are its fragrant vertical forests, which are distinguished by their above-average aesthetics. People visiting this peninsula can visit, for example, Thessaloniki, which is full of beautiful monuments.
Optional trips are recommended for those interested in the Chalkidiki peninsula. Thanks to them, it is possible to visit the most beautiful places in the world without putting too much strain on your wallet. During your stay in Chalkidiki, do not forget to choose a good hotel. Sani Asterias will be a very good choice. For people who value luxury, the Porto Sani and Sani Dunes hotels should also be an interesting option.

Beautiful beaches of Corfu

The beaches of Corfu are also a must-see during your stay in Greece. Without a doubt, they are one of the most interesting places in all of Europe. It is worth starting your visit from Agios Gordios. It is an incredibly wide, sandy beach, perfect for people who appreciate beautiful views. Agios Gordios is located in a beautiful bay, and its charm is determined by lush vegetation.
The Porto Timoni beach also has a lot of fans. It will work well for tourists who do not like too much crowds. This beach is relatively small, so there are not many people on it. After spending time on the beach of Corfu, it is worth going to a good hotel. Facilities such as Ikos Odisia and Ikos Dassia are especially recommended. If you decide to stay there, you will certainly not feel dissatisfied.

When is the best time to go to Kos?

If you want to admire the charms of Greece, it is worth visiting the island of Kos. It is distinguished by beautiful beaches, monuments and amazing history. However, many people do not know when it is worth visiting. In practice, Kos is a good option all year round, but it looks particularly good during June, August and July. So if you are looking for holiday inspiration, the island of Kos will be a perfect choice. During this period, the water will be really warm, so bathing in it should be a real pleasure.
However, when deciding to holiday on the island of Kos, it is worth ensuring proper preparation. Choosing the right hotel is particularly important. The Ikos Aria facility will be best suited for this role. It is synonymous with high quality, which is why it is widely recommended for all demanding tourists.